It’s time for tournament play, and the decision to draft some of the weakest players is coming back to bite Alex Morrow in the latest episode of “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.” Meanwhile, team Dominate is living up to its name. And, despite the fact that Evan was benched for the first game, his work ethic and determination is winning over his coach. But a decision by Coach Cole backfires on team Dominate and leads to the Mighty Ducks coming together. This will probably be the turning point of the season.

Realistically, most of the Ducks players should not have been selected for tournament play. I understand, and mostly agree, with Coach Morrow’s philosophy for coaching pee-wee hockey. But this camp is for kids who are good enough to go play at the collegiate level and possibly in the NHL. The Ducks are 0-3 by the end of this episode and weren’t competitive in their first two matchups. They were competitive through two periods of the game against Team Dominate, but that backfired once they learned Dominate was playing off handed. Once Dominate started using their regular hands, they dominated. Every bit of that is to be expected if this somehow happened in real life.

The decision to have his team play off-handed against an inferior opponent looks bush league from the perspective of the series, but it makes sense. It’s a useful training tool for hockey. It will help these kids going forward. From the Ducks perspective, it seems like they aren’t being taken seriously, and they aren’t, but it’s smart for a coach to train his players in all aspects of the game. Yes, it leads to Coach Cole’s son, who has been very anti-hockey this entire season, to join up with the Ducks to further the storyline along, but this really wasn’t bad. We’re just supposed to view it as bad because the Ducks are the underdogs and we’re supposed to cheer for them.

There’s very little else to say about this episode. Coach Morrow’s way is correct in your town’s pee-wee hockey league. Coach Cole’s way is correct for an elite camp like this. Truthfully, only Evan or Sophi would’ve ever been invited under regular circumstances. The movies did a great job of getting the viewer behind the Ducks. The first season did a great job of getting viewers behind the Don’t Bothers. This season just isn’t hitting it.

Rating: 2.5

What did you think of this episode of “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers?”

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