The soundtrack to the Italian Disney+ Original, “The Lions Of Sicily”, has been released by Hollywood Records on digital platforms including Amazon, Spotify and Apple. 

The series was released last year on Disney+ and told the story of Brothers Paolo and Ignazio Florio, who leave Calabria for Palermo, where they open an apothecary. Paolo’s son, Vincenzo, driven by ambition, transforms it into a business empire. As he works to establish the Florio family’s name, his love for Giulia causes him to sacrifice his aspirations of nobility.

The soundtrack features the show’s original music that has been composed by Maurizio Filardo, who has previously worked on “The Place” and  “The First Day of My Life”.    The album also features some tracks by Marianne Mirage feat. Marquis. 

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. La Tonnara [feat. Marquis]
  2. Viaggio
  3. Cortice
  4. Aborto
  5. Spilla
  6. Paolo Sta Male
  7. Anello Ignazio
  8. Protesta
  9. Sciarpa
  10. Morte Ignazio
  11. The’
  12. Just a Dream (Pt 1) [feat. Marquis]
  13. Just a Dream (Pt 2) [feat. Marquis]
  14. Solo Un Sogno (Dream Version) [feat. Marquis]
  15. Libro
  16. The One [feat. Marquis]
  17. Funzionario
  18. Sono io
  19. Colera
  20. L’idea (Tema del Bordello) [feat. Marquis]
  21. Aquilone
  22. Matrimonio
  23. Rivoluzione Palermo
  24. Be Free [feat. Marquis]
  25. Vestito da Sposa
  26. Mai Accettata
  27. The Wedding (Acoustic Version) [feat. Marquis]
  28. Bagno di Mezzanotte
  29. Morte Giuseppina
  30. Nessun Ripensamento
  31. Your Name – Finale [feat. Marquis]

You can check out “The Lions Of Sicily” on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the US and on Disney+ around the world.

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