“The Big Leap” is the latest 20th Television drama series to be released on Disney+ and tells the story of a group of wannabe dancers who try out for a new reality television series “The Big Leap”, where they will be reenacting the ballet “Swan Lake”.   It’s like a spoof on the genre, but really entertaining.

It’s an interesting idea, doing a drama series about people trying out for a reality TV show.  Bascially they’ve worked out a way of making a reality show more interesting by making up all the contestants.

“The Big Leap” has all the staple characters you’d expect, the evil and twisted director who is using any little personal issue to his advantage to entertain viewers.  And knows exactly what buttons to push to get people to react.

They’ve got most of the cliche type characters in the series and there’s also multiple storylines going on with the contestants, one guy is trying to win back his wife, another is struggling with her husband’s porn addiction, while there’s also some love stories developing between some of the contestants.   It’s all rather juicy and ultimately, would make a reality TV series more compelling.   Throw in some flashbacks to build the characters and its a fun entertaining series.

It’s not just the contestants causing issues, the judges and crew on the show are also part of the story.  All of which makes “The Big Leap” rather intriguing.  I’ve seen the first three episodes and I think I’m certainly going to be coming back for more.  FOX has already greenlight more episodes, (the show aired on FOX in the US and on Hulu) so its good to know the series isn’t already cancelled, like many of the other Star Original series from this year (Rebel, Next, Filthy Rich & Y: The Last Man).

“The Big Leap” is a really entertaining drama series, the spoof factor of a reality TV show really works well with the traditional drama series elements.   It’s extremely entertaining, which I wasn’t expecting it to be.  On paper it seems like a strange idea for a show, but it really sucked me in and this is going to be a highlight each week when new episodes dropping onto Disney+ each week.

Rating – 4 out of 5

The first episode, “The Big Leap”, is coming to Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland from Wednesday 1st December 2021.  New episodes are also being released weekly on Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand.

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Roger Palmer

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