Disney has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Latin American Disney+ Original series, “Tarã”, which is a fantasy adventure about the legend of a people in the Amazon Rainforest, their prophecy and their legacy of fighting for the care of the Amazon. Planet Earth is facing serious environmental challenges, and only Gaia can save it from extinction. For that, she will have to, at the right moment, take an amulet to a place sacred in the Amazon, where in antiquity, a Portal was formed. This place is currently guarded by the people of the 9 Moons, a traditional community from which Gaia is descended on her father’s side. To achieve her goal, she must empower her story with the help of her mother Ylla (Xuxa Meneghel), her grandmother Kirina who leads these people and other warriors, to prepare herself and face the ambitious farmer JM, who seeks to profit at nature’s expense. In turn, Ylla, a successful pharmacist from Rio de Janeiro, when embarking on this trip with her daughter, will discover old experiences and revelations that will give a new meaning to her life.

Check out the teaser trailer for this Brazillian original series below:

The series is being directed by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas. Production began on the series in July in Acre, a state that will be part of the dazzling scenario of this story, and the series stars Ywyzar Guajajara (Gaia) alongside Xuxa Meneghel (Ylla), Lana Guelero (Kirina), Igor Pedroso (Onirê), Bukassa Kabengele (Bruk), Angélica (Niara), Pedro Goifman (Kauê), Bruno Garcia (JM), Fafá de Belém (Mandragora), Gleici Damasceno (Guerreira Mayu), among others.

The new original Brazilian series is a creation of Anna Lee, who signs the script alongside Morgana Kretzmann and Bárbara Velloso, with advice from the indigenous Renata Tupinambá. The costumes are signed by Kiki Orona and Paula Iglecio. The art direction is signed by Fernando Zuccolotto, and a scenographic village was built in the south of Acre, using local materials and construction techniques and counting on the expertise of a team from Aldeia Puynawa. The soundtrack is by Loud+, led by Guilherme Garbato with the collaboration of indigenous composer Djuena Tikuna.

This new series will be coming out later this year and while the show hasn’t yet been confirmed if it will be released globally on Disney+, the majority of original Latin American shows have been recently.

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