On this week’s new episode of Disney+’s Weird But True, famed physicist Michio Kaku makes a special appearance as the fictional character “Buster Infinity.” In this episode, Charlie learns that the Global Space Administration is looking for researchers and explorers to go on the Interplanetary Expedition – a one-way trip to explore the solar system. Carly is nervous because a one-way […]

The “Weird But True!” team is back teaching kids some incredible facts about national parks. The episode starts with Carly and Charlie debating about where to hold a jamboree. Charlie’s fears about the backyard being messed up leads to the discussion about national parks. During the episode, the pair show viewers national parks internationally before […]

A pair of hosts introduce kids to facts that seem odd but are completely true in this weekly comedy series called “Weird But True.” This week’s topic is dinosaurs. The hosts head to a dinosaur park and museum in Utah to learn more about different types of dinosaurs, their bones and fossils. This series aired […]

Disney has released a new trailer for the brand new National Geographic series, “Weird But True“, which has returned for its third season and is now a Disney+ Exclusive. Did you know there are more stars in the universe, than grains of sand on the whole planet?! So weird! The newest season of “Weird But True!” […]

Disney has released episode descriptions for the entire third season of the new Disney+ Original series, “Weird But True”, which is moving from the National Geographic channel. New episodes will be dropping onto Disney+ weekly from Friday, August 14th. Here are the details: Dinosaurs Hosts Charlie Engelman and Carly Ciarrocchi don’t have tickets to their […]

Following the announcement that the National Geographic show, “Weird But True” would be coming to Disney+ on August 14th Did you know there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the whole planet?! So weird! National Geographic’s newest season of“Weird But True!” on Disney+ gets even weirder! Children’s entertainers and educators […]

Last year we reported that Disney was looking to bring some of its National Geographic shows to Disney+ and now, Disney has announced the National Geographic series, “Weird But True”, will be returning with a new season in August and will be becoming a Disney+ Original series.  “Weird But True!,” from National Geographic, comes to Disney+ […]