More casting details on the upcoming Marvel Studios comedy series “She-Hulk” have been revealed by Deadline. Ginger Gonzaga is set to play the best friend of She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, who will be played by Tatiana Maslany.  Ginger has previously appeared in the comedy series “Space Force” along with “Kidding” and “I’m Dying Up Here”. The actress […]

It’s been almost two years since the Marvel series “Jessica Jones” was cancelled by Netflix as Marvel started prepping its studios to make their own shows for Disney+.   There was a clause in the Netflix contract that stated that Disney couldn’t use any of the Defenders characters including Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Punisher […]

New casting details on the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series, “She-Hulk” have recently been revealed by the Illuminerdi. Recently it was revealed that Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany was cast as She-Hulk/Jennifer Walter’s and that Mark Ruffalo would be making at least an appearance in one episode, in order to give Jennifer a blood transfusion to […]

Recently, it was revealed that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany would be starring in the title role of Jennifer Walters in the Marvel Studios Disney+ series, She-Hulk.  With Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo also taking to social media to congratulate her on the role. However in a recent interview with The Sudbury Star, Tatiana Maslany has said […]

More details on the upcoming Marvel Studios “She-Hulk” series for Disney+ have been revealed by “The Direct”, who is reporting that the series will feature a younger version of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. Casting is currently underway for an actor around the age of 10 years old,  which will help set the […]

New details on the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ She-Hulk series have been revealed by Deadline.  Shortly after it was announced that Kat Coiro would be directing some of the episodes of the series and would also be the showrunner for the series, it’s now been revealed that Tatiana Maslany will be playing the role of […]

New details on the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series, She-Hulk have been revealed by Deadline. Disney are currently Negotiating with Kat Coiro to direct the pilot episode, along with some other episodes. She will also serve as a executive producer on the show. She has previously directed many other big name shows such as Dead […]

At last years D23 Expo, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced that a “She-Hulk” series would be coming soon to Disney+ and while filming might be on hold for all Marvel live action projects, work still has been underway and this new series. The shows head writer, Dana Schwartz, took to Twitter to confirm that […]

At last years D23 Expo, Marvel announced a brand new series featuring She-Hulk, would be coming to Disney+ and recently “Hulk” actor Mark Ruffalo spoke with Variety about possibly appearing in the upcoming series. “There’s nothing completely at a place where it’s a done deal.  There’s some talk of having Banner/Hulk show up in [the […]

At last years D23 Expo, Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announces a new Disney+ series featuring She-Hulk. Production on the series is set to start later this year and nothing yet has been officially announced regarding the series, especially who will star as She-Hulk. But this past weekend, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo told a crowd at […]

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just “The Hulk”, it looks like we will be seeing more Hulk’s on the big screen, as the latest rumor from Geeks WorldWide, is that the “Red Hulk” will be joining the upcoming “She-Hulk” Disney+ series. We’ve already seen General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, played by William Hurt, in a […]

More details on the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series, She-Hulk, have been revealed by “The Illuminati”, who have shared some early details on the casting for the series. The show was officially revealed by Marvel Studios Kevin Feige at last years D23 Expo and Disney has begun looking for someone to play Jennifer Walters, who is […]

New production details have been revealed by The Illuminerdi about the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series, She-Hulk. The new series is due to go into production in August and is due to last until March 2021, with the series being filmed in Atlanta.  Which is where the majority of the new Disney+ series are going to […]

The upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series, She-Hulk, will see Ricky & Morty writer Jessica Gao, join the project to develop and lead the writing team. She has won an Emmy for her work on the Adult Swim animated series, Ricky & Morty. She has also written a number of other shows including Silicon Valley, Robot […]