It has been announced that Hulu won’t be renewing the original series, High Fidelity, for a second season.  The show was originally announced as a Disney+ Original, before being moved to Hulu, due to it having more mature themes. High Fidelity, was a reimagining of Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel, High Fidelity centres on Rob, who […]

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Disney’s new reboot of High Fidelity, would be moving from Disney+ to Hulu, because it would fit the more adult oriented streamer better. Today, Hulu has released the first trailer for the upcoming series: After 5 heartbreaks…it’s finally time to face the music. High Fidelity premieres February 14th, […]

Disney+ hasn’t even launched yet but it’s already lost one of its exclusive shows, the reboot of High Fidelity, which will be moving to Disney’s other streaming platform, Hulu. The reason for this is because as the series has been going through production, the series was becoming more mature, which meant it no longer fitted […]

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Disney is currently developing a new TV series for Disney+, based on High Fidelity, which is a novel by Nick Hornsby and a movie featuring John Cusack.  The series will have 10 episodes. With this series set to appear on the family friendly Disney Plus Streaming Service, it’s […]