After the “Bad Batch” storyline has been wrapped up, the final season of the “Clone Wars” moves its attention to Ahoska Tano, who has left the Jedi Order at the end of season 5.

The main storyline sees Ahsoka Tano befriending an aspiring pilot called Trace Martez and is then enlisted by Trace’s sister Rafa to help build dangerous droids.  It’s a pretty simple story that helps set up the relationship between the main three characters, but its very slow to get going.

One of the more interesting aspects to this story is how it shows the underclasses of the people living on Coruscant, such as how the Jedi are deemed the problem and not being interested in those people in need. Which obviously is far from the truth, but it does show how the Emperor was able to manipulate people in different situations.

There is just one scene in the episode which brings the action level up, when Ahsoka starts battling with a huge droid, without showcasing her Jedi skills. This one easily the highlight of the episode.

I did find the introduction of Trace’s older sister, Rafa, who instantly became a one dimensional character, who is happy to break the rules to get ahead and instantly takes a dislike to Ahsoka. Hopefully as the series continues, Rafa will be given more room to grow as a character, but it just felt a little too cliche in this episode.

Overall, I found this episode to be lacking anything special, since its just setting up the situation and introducing the characters, which will make more sense when the entire story arc is completed, but as a single episode, nothing much happens, but its setting up some key points for later in the series.  Once again, the animation on this show is excellent and shows how much care has gone into finishing this show on a high.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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