Ahsoka restarts Sabine’s training as a Jedi as the pair of them, and their droid, go to investigate the system where the starship that left Correllia went in the latest episode of “Ahsoka.” Sabine is reminded how she wouldn’t be trained by the Jedi Council, but Ahsoka is clearly looking for something more. Meanwhile, Hera is trying to convince the New Republic to provide resources in the hunt for Thrawn, but some Senators are reluctant to aid those on the front lines.

This episode is filled with callbacks to “Star Wars: A New Hope,” and I found it to be distracting. One callback would’ve been fine; a nice homage. But Dave Filoni and other creators tried to draw so many parallels between Sabine and Luke, and I think that takes away from Sabine’s character and the show, in general. Sabine is training with a lightsaber and Ahsoka has her put a helmet with a blast shield down so she must fight blind and try to see her opponent through the Force. Later, they are in a dogfight with other starships, and Sabine gets way too excited about shooting one of them. Both of these are callbacks to Luke, but they took me out of the episode. Also, for anyone who saw “Rebels,” Sabine knows how to handle weapons, Ahsoka even mentions it in the episode, there’s too much new Jedi excitement that shouldn’t work for someone who has been fighting since she was a child.

Still, there’s a lot to enjoy in this episode. The actions scenes are still great. While Rosario Dawson’s sword fighting is a bit sloppy, the special effects do enough to cover up her flaws. Everyone else has really seemed crisp with their lightsaber training. My favorite part is how David Tennant voices Huyang. He is straight forward and blunt like K2-SO, but still has his own unique character. While it’s usually the astromech droids that have the fun and cool personalities, the great appearances by first Alan Tudyk and now David Tennant are giving other droids a personality beyond annoying (I’m looking at you C-3PO and L3-37).

I am also enjoying the interactions between Hera and members of the New Republic. While history has shown that when a new system of government takes over, some that were previously loyal to the old government are needed to make the new government function; it’s still highlights some of the obvious flaws that will bring down the New Republic. We know, by the time of “The Force Awakens,” the First Order will be in charge, so the New Republic has to fail. Shows like “Ahsoka” and “The Mandalorian” are doing a good job of showing us why.

Through three episodes, I’m liking “Ahsoka,” but I’m not loving it. There’s a lot of good, but the bad is standing out too much. I think the first three episodes did a lot of hand-holding to ensure those who didn’t see “Rebels” know everything that’s going on. It’s not Cad Bane introduction levels of bad when it comes to expecting viewers to have seen the animated works, but the guidance provided is definitely necessary. This won’t be “Andor” levels of depth in storytelling, and I’m good with that, but it also won’t be as shallow as “The Book of Boba Fett” which is great news. It’s somewhere in the middle and I hope it finds it’s sweet spot.

Rating: 3 stars

What did you think of episode three of “Star Wars: Ahsoka?”

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Jeremy Brown

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