Following the success of the Disney+ Original series, “Secrets Of The Whales”, National Geographic has announced that this natural history limited series is going to be turned into a new annual multipart franchise presented to coincide with Earth Day each year.

Each year will focus on one species to fully explore its unique traits and culture.

In 2023, the franchise will present “Secrets Of The Elephants” with conservationist Dr. Paula Kahumbu, winner of the Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year (2021). Elephants have long been a source of wonder and mystery with their rich emotional lives and almost supernatural ways of navigating the world.

In “Secrets Of The Elephants”, we travel the globe to meet different families of elephants, each with their own set of remarkable cultural behaviors which they’ve adapted to suit the environment in which they live. This series deploys the latest science and brand-new camera technology to reveal the elephant’s secret world, revealing not just how truly extraordinary they are in their own right but also how similar they are to humans. Desert elephants, forest elephants, Asian elephants and African savannah elephants each have an incredible story of intelligence, grace and survival to tell.

For “Secrets Of The Elephants”, Emmy Award-winners James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm for Earthship are executive producers. Lucinda Axelsson is the executive producer for Oxford Scientific Films. Her credits include “China: Nature’s Ancient Kingdom,” “Serengeti,” “Wild Brazil,” “Elephant Diaries,” “Elephants of Samburu,” “Meerkat Manor,” “Spy in the Wild.”

Disney also confirmed they are working on “Secrets Of  The Octopus”, which will be presented by wildlife scientist Dr. Alexandra Schnell. It is executive produced by Emmy Award-winners James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm for Earthship, two-time Emmy Award nominee Colette Beaudry and Emmy Award Honoree Adam Geiger for SeaLight Pictures.   It’s looking like “Secrets Of The Octopus” will follow on Earth Day in 2024.

“Secrets Of The Whales” is available on Disney+ now.

Are you going to be looking forward to more “Secrets Of” series on Disney+?

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