On Earth Day, National Geographic released a brand new series, “Secrets Of The Octopus” on Disney+ around the world and this is the latest instalment in the “Secrets Of” franchise, which has previously included Elephants and Whales. Octopuses are like aliens on Earth: three hearts, blue blood and the ability to squeeze through a space […]

This Earth Day, National Geographic is releasing the third instalment of its “Secrets Of” series on Disney+ around the world. Having previously highlighted Elephants and Whales, this year, the focus moves to the strange world of the Octopus. One of my earliest memories was being on vacation on the Spanish island of Majorica, and some […]

National Geographic has announced details on the upcoming third instalment of its Emmy-winning “Secrets Of…” franchise, “Secrets Of The Octopus”, which uncovers the secret lives of one of the most alien-like animals on the planet. It has been announced that Paul Rudd, who has previously starred in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” and most recently in the Hulu/Star […]

Following the success of the Disney+ Original series, “Secrets Of The Whales”, National Geographic has announced that this natural history limited series is going to be turned into a new annual multipart franchise presented to coincide with Earth Day each year. Each year will focus on one species to fully explore its unique traits and […]