After freeing Grace’s spirit, the Tremont is open for business but a different much worse ghost is now haunting the hotel in the third season of the Disney Channel Original Series, “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.” Griffin, Harper and Savannah must team up with Wyatt, Zoe and Topher, as well as a ghost version of Sam to change the future and save several lives along the way. In the end, multiple futures are changed and we learn more about different eras for the Tremont.

The big bad of season three ends up being a minor character introduced in season two. Judge Walker led the efforts to steal the home that would become the hotel away from the Tremont family. This season looks at his death and how he wound up a ghost, first trapped in a barn and then haunting the entire hotel. It’s an interesting choice. On the one hand, he had a clear connection to the land and Harper’s family and had already been portrayed as a villain. On the other hand, he was such a minor character they had to tell a lot more of his back story in season three than they probably should have. Still, this is a show originally airing on a network targeting kids and tweens. It’s the right amount of scary for a thriller/horror series without being too scary.

The series does have to make a bit of a stretch to connect Griffin’s mother to the storyline. The series paints her as a descendant of the judge’s wife who is the one who killed him before leaving Louisiana for Chicago to start a new, happier life. That requires some narrative jumping jacks. The Campbells and the Dunns, formerly Tremonts, are connected enough through ways that make sense without adding this extra connection. I’m sure the target audience doesn’t really care, but as an adult watching it, it made me roll my eyes.

This season wasn’t quite as good as the first two, but it was still a worthy follow up for this show that has managed to exceed my expectations each season. I’ve enjoyed every episode so far. But, I’m a little wary of a potential season four. Season three ended with a teaser that lets viewers know there is a potential for a season four. It can also be a series ending, so it’s a little open-ended. At least it’s not a true cliffhanger in case the series ends. I like three seasons. It’s track record makes me willing to accept a season four, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of season three of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs?”

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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