In the years since the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire, crews from around the world are working to repair and restore the cathedral to its former glory. “Saving Notre Dame” takes a look at that first year of work, what led up to the devastating fire in April 2020, how some of the church was saved, and how crews are working to find whatever they can to help bring back Notre Dame.

This is an excellent documentary about the most iconic cathedral in the world. While there are Notre Dame cathedrals all over the world, but Paris is the one people think about when they hear the words Notre Dame. It’s the one Victor Hugh wrote about in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” It’s the one that is considered one of the icons of the Catholic Church. This documentary shows us some of its history and the sad events of that day. Plus, we learn how restoration efforts before that day may have made the fire worse.

That day in April 2020 was a wild moment in the midst of an incredibly wild time due to Covid. But engineers from all over the world have stepped up to the challenge. They are doing their part to bring the structural icon back. It seems so wild that it was just two and a half years ago, while also seeming so wild that it was only two and a half years ago, at the time I’m writing this review.

The goal is to have Notre Dame rebuilt and restored to its Medieval glory in five years. In the old days, that wouldn’t have been possible, but I’m eager to see if they can get it done. Notre Dame is an icon of Paris, of Europe, of Catholicism, and of Christianity. It deserves to be rebuilt, as long as the rebuilding doesn’t cause irreparable damage somewhere else. If you love Notre Dame, or if you love structural icons, definitely check out this documentary.

Rating: 3 stars

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