Wayne and Lanny are back and this time they are helping Wayne’s brother Noel, a coal elf, recover the transmitter the coal elfs use to mark a child on the naughty list in “Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.” The three elves have to repair the transmitter before it marks every child in the world on the naughty list.

While the first “Prep and Landing” had a moral for adults hidden in its child friendly packaging, this one is a direct message for kids. The first special taught that you shouldn’t let disappointment, like being passed over for a promotion, affect your performance. This special teaches children not to be jealous of younger siblings who may be taking their parents’ attention. As the youngest child, I’ve never experienced this, but I bet my siblings did. I did notice my oldest son acting out more after his brother was born and wanting either mine, or my wife’s, attention all to himself and not focused on his brother. It’s an excellent lesson that I hope reaches through to kids who see it.

This special is not as good as the first “Prep and Landing.” But, it was still enjoyable, overall. The dynamic between the brothers and their differing views was quite interesting. Wayne is serious and proud of his position in “Prep and Landing.” He basically looks down on the coal elves. However, Noel is fun and outgoing. He’s proud of how he can help contribute to Christmas, but doesn’t look down on other departments. Noel looks up to his older brother and wants to do anything to give Wayne the Christmas present he had wanted for years. Eventually, the pair get passed their differences and work together to save Christmas and turn an attention starved and jealous young girl away from the naughty list and onto the nice list.

Much like the first “Prep and Landing,” while it’s fun, it’s nothing special. The lessons have been taught before. Some have done better and some have done worse. If you watch the first special, it’s worth it to give this one a shot. But, it’s not worth just watching this one on its own. It’s fine. It’s well animated and well acted. It’s an enjoyable 22 minutes, but it’s nothing more. Still, I recommend you give both a shot.

Ranking: 2.5 stars out of 5

What did you think of “Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice?”

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Jeremy Brown

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