Kitbull is part of the new Pixar SparkShort program, which is an experimental storytelling initiative that welcomes new creative voices at Pixar to share their stories.

This short is directed by Rosana Sullivan and the story reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull, who end up becoming friends.   There is one really dark moment in the short, which sees the pit bull kicked out of his owner’s house, presumably because it lost a fight, as it is covered in cuts and bruises.

It’s this subject matter that really pushes the boundaries of what we would usually see from a Pixar short.  Younger kids might not pick up on what has happened, but older viewers will have their heartstrings pulled multiple times throughout the short.  It certainly brought some tears to my eyes on a couple of occasions.

The art style is very different from your usual Pixar short or movie, since it looks more like traditional animation.  It’s certainly rougher round the edges but it adds to the charm. Reminding the viewer that this isn’t your typical run of the mill short.  It feels like the creators have been on a budget, but the story is so strong and ultimately something we wouldn’t see presented before a major Pixar movie in theatres, Kitbull pushes the envelope.

I can’t recommend to people enough to watch Kitbull, especially if you love dogs or cats.  It’s something special, it’s heartbreaking to watch, since it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, but one you will want to go back to.

Rating – 4 Stars

And you don’t need to be a Disney+ subscriber to watch this short, you can find it below:



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