Pentatonix is having trouble coming up with ideas for their Christmas album until they get locked in a mail room with letters from their fans in the Christmas special, “Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays.” After reading letters from fans in Japan, Ghana, Iceland, Grenada and Mexico, the acapella supergroup figures out how to make their latest Christmas album one of their best ever.

Pentatonix is one of the most talented groups in the world. Their music isn’t for everybody, but they are very good at singing acapella. They’ve delighted fans in countries around the world as evidenced by the letters they received leading up to this Christmas special. It was really cool how they let the fans who wrote the letters start singing the Christmas classics before Pentatonix took over singing them. It’s great fan interaction, plus the best part of this special was hearing the fans’ backstories.

While the magic mailroom aspect of this special is kind of lame, it serves its purpose as a vehicle to the important parts of the special. It’s a nice little diversion from your typical musical Christmas special but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Add in the manager aspect is kind of annoying and it takes away from what is, otherwise, a very enjoyable Christmas special with some excellent music.

I’m not going to go out seeking music from Pentatonix very often, but I can appreciate how good they are at what they do. They have wonderful voices and, if you like acapella music and haven’t listened to them yet, I recommend you give them a try. If you love Christmas music, definitely give this Christmas special a chance.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of “Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays?”

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