Charles figures out that Bunny’s mother isn’t who she says she is. Oliver figures out that Teddy is Will’s father, but Teddy doesn’t know it. And Mabel figures out there’s more to Detective Krebbs and his connection to Cinda Canning and her original podcast in the latest episode of “Only Murders in the Building.”

A lot of the pieces are falling into place as we approach the season finale. Charles is learning more about his father and his father’s relationship with Rose Cooper. He learns that his father took on some risqué work but only wanted to be a good father to young Charles. In the end, Charles always had this fear that his father wasn’t a good man only to learn that his father was a good man who knew how to keep his mouth shut. It led to some sad times for his father, but Charles has gained a new respect for the man he looked up to when he was younger, then stopped looking up to as he aged.

Meanwhile, Oliver is coming to grips with not being Will’s biological father while still being Will’s dad. Oliver was there every step of the way for Will and will continue to be that for Will even if Will isn’t biologically his son. Blood can make you related, but it doesn’t necessarily make you family. Plus, Teddy has inadvertently found a way to get back at Oliver for having him arrested, and in a rare moment of humanity, Teddy steps up to comfort Oliver and teaches him that while Teddy failed at ensuring a good relationship with Theo, Oliver has always done his best to ensure a good relationship with Will. Teddy is the biological father to two boys, but one is struggling with their relationship and the other doesn’t even know about it, but Oliver is Will’s dad even if Teddy is Will’s biological father.

And Mabel spends this entire episode trying to shakedown Detective Krebbs. She thinks she’s figured out that he’s the killer but based on the way he responds to her questioning, we learn that he started a relationship with Cinda Canning while he was working a freelance job in Oklahoma while she was investigating for her original podcast that inspired our trio. His answers also lead me to believe that he knows none of the three are the killer. He knows they are being framed. I don’t know if he knows by whom, but he knows and he’s trying to protect them from themselves. It’s a great turn and the latest in a series of great turns for this series.

But the biggest bomb dropped in this episode is the reveal that Cinda Canning’s producer is the woman who was supposedly murdered leading to her original podcast. It raises a lot of questions. Why did this woman seemingly fake her death? What role did Cinda Canning and Detective Krebbs have in helping her disappear? What does this mean for our intrepid trio? I can’t wait for next week’s episode to learn more.

Ranking: 5 stars

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