The streaming wars are set to get a little more crowded next week once Disney+ launches in the US and Canada.  With Comcast’s Peacock and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max due to follow next year, along with Apple TV+ launching last week.  There is a lot more competition for subscribers.

The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult has released some information from a poll they recently conducted to find out about people’s awareness of the new streaming platforms, how many streaming services they are subscribed to and if they would want a cheaper monthly subscription because of commercials.

While more people are currently aware of Disney+ than Apple TV+, this might change with time as Apple start publicizing their content to their own customers and pushing Apple TV+ with new purchases, since its a perk designed to entice people to buy new devices.   And with Apple having user base of 1.4 billion — and 900 million iPhones on the market, it has the potential to gain traction among existing Apple customers.

These statistics show that awareness for Disney+ is the highest among those asked in the poll, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise since HBO Max and Peacock haven’t been promoted, while Disney+ is being heavily advertised everywhere.

While there are going to be many more streaming services, currently most people only subscribe to 1 or 2, which is what many are worried about.  The market might not be able to withstand too many streaming services or alternatively, people will become more used to having multiple subscriptions.

Generally the younger the person asked, the more they were aware of Disney+ and its competitors.  The younger side of the charts are also more likely to subscribe to a service with a ad-supported service, if it’s cheaper.  This is what Hulu has done with its package, lowered down to $5.99 with adverts to entice people to subscribe.

The report also shows 49% of the people asked prefer to have a whole season dropped at once, rather than week to week.  But the older the person is, the more they prefer it weekly. New content is also important, with 58% of adults somewhat more likely to subscribe if they get daily updates of new shows and movies.


Where would you fit on these charts?


Source – Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll


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  1. Elijah November 6, 2019

    I want to subscribe to probably around 4, Disney+, Netflix (at least for a little while longer), HBO max and Apple TV +, for a few months. I think I have heard a lot about them all but I would say that I would be pretty declined to buy one with adds even if it was cheaper. Although, the biggest thing to me is the actual content.