A brand new series is currently in development for Disney+ based on the classic 1980s cult hit, “The Goonies” called “Our Time”.

This new series is currently called “Our Time” and the production companies, the Donner Company and Amblin, are back on board for the Disney+ series. Sarah Watson is also an executive producer on the series with Gail Berman, Hend Baghdady, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Lauren Shuler Donner and the late Richard Donner; and Amblin TV’s.

This new “Goonies” series was in development for Fox, where a pilot had been written by Sarah Watson but was passed by Fox, since they felt it skewed too young for the network and it’s been picked up for Disney+.

Recently, the show’s producer, Gail Berman, revealed plot details for the upcoming TV show with Variety to promote the new Warner Brothers film, “Elvis”, when she was asked about the upcoming “Goonies” series.

“This is a partnership between me, Amblin, and Lauren Shuler Donner. When I was at Paramount, there were these young boys doing this movie about “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a shot-by-shot remake. It got some press at the time, and the studio was very upset about it. I thought it was an amazing idea, and it always stood in my head of — how can you take an idea like that and turn it into a TV series? … We needed a terrific writer and great partners, so we brought the idea to Amblin and those guys loved it. Sarah Watson is our creator. The series is a story of a town and a family in the lens of “Friday Night Lights,” and within that they tell a story of a shot-by-shot remake of “The Goonies.” We had to go to Warner Bros., to Toby Emmerich, and ask if we could have rights [to “The Goonies”]. They said yes, obviously, because of Mr. Spielberg and the Donners. We’re now doing this for Disney Plus.”

The original film followed a group of west coast kids facing their last days together before a development paves over their homes, and stumbles onto evidence of a pirate’s treasure attracting the attention of a family of criminals. It’s not currently known what the plot of the new Disney+ is about.

This isn’t the first series Warner Brothers has made for Disney+, as they were behind “The Right Stuff”.

Disney hasn’t officially announced any details on this new project, but hopefully, some information will be revealed soon.

Would you like to see a series based on “The Goonies” on Disney+?

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  1. Matthew June 29, 2022

    I love the goonies but i dont think Disney+ can pull it off there probably going to make it super political and change every character sexual identity instead of keeping it a fun non stop adventure filled Kids film that is ment for entertaining

  2. Londwar June 30, 2022

    So how woke will this one be?

  3. Joel Walker July 1, 2022

    A shot by shot remake is the stupidest idea ever. It better be a real show, taking place after the movie.