New details on the upcoming Disney+ reboot of “Cheaper By The Dozen” have been revealed by The Illuminati.

This new version of “Cheaper By The Dozen” will continue to feature a large family, but it’s more about the issues with different families blending together. The show will feature two parents Paul Baker and Zoey Baker, along with their children and children from their previous relationship. There will also be an adopted Southeast Asian child and a nephew.

Here are the character details for the parents:

Paul Baker is a white man in his 40s who owns a restaurant. He gave up college and first began to work when his ex wife Kate became pregnant. He is married to Zoey and loves their boisterous life with their children. He is often daunted by the relationship Zoey’s ex has with her two children and feels like he doesn’t measure up to her previous husband.

Zoey Baker is an African-American woman in her 30s who helps Paul run his restaurant. She is supportive of Paul’s ambition for the restaurant, but feels strained as more of the burden is shifted onto her. She is resilient but feels like she doesn’t fit in their gated community.

These character descriptions show the movie will deal with modern issues and won’t be a identical copy of the previous incarnations, such as the one starring Steve Martin from 2003.

The new “Cheaper by the Dozen” will be a Disney+ exclusive and is being created by 21st Century Studios. The movie will be directed by Gail Lerner, who has previously produced and directed episodes of “Black-Ish”.

Disney hasn’t yet announced many official details on this movie yet, other than Disney CEO Bob Iger saying they were working on a it.

What do you think of these new details?

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