There has been lots of talk this week about Netflix stock and how the increased competition from Disney, Warner and Amazon are putting the company under more pressure than ever, as content providers like Disney start pulling their own content away to create platforms like Disney+.

Recently 7Park Data released some details on the current trends over on Netflix and how their original content consumption has gone up, while Disney’s content including Marvel shows like Netflix and even Fox’s content has changed.

Looking first at Fox, which earlier this year, started to pull its shows off Netflix to move them to Hulu, which saw Fox’s viewership share drop from 25% of content watched on Netflix in January 2017, to around 5% by October 2018.

Meanwhile, Disney has accounted for 8%-12% of Netflix’s U.S. streams since the start of 2017.  However since Disney haven’t been actively removing content as quickly as Fox, its roughly stayed constant throughout the period shown in the chart.  It’s also worth noting that the  ABC-produced series “Grey’s Anatomy,” has ranked among the top six most-viewed Netflix shows every month this year.

The chart also shows how much Netflix Marvel original content such as Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage contributed to the viewing figures.  However with Disney and Netflix cancelling these shows, the viewing figures for these shows will decline once season three of Jessica Jones and season two of The Punisher are out.

The good news for Netflix is that viewership of their original content has grown, which has grown to 37% of all streams on the platform in October, up from 24% a year earlier and 14% in January 2017, according to a study by 7Park Data.  But with other companies like Warner Brothers also set to start removing content when they launch their own service, Netflix will be forced to create more original content.

An article over at Forbes talks about how “Netflix’s Nightmares Are Coming True”, which talks about how Netflix is having to spend huge amounts of money on creating new content in order to compete, resulting in major debt piling up, which is making investors wary.  However Yahoo Finance looks at the way that Netflix has been able to take steps to ensure it can maintain subscribers in the future, even if the data does show much much content they will have to create to fill the gap by companies like Disney and Warner.

The next year is when the Streaming Wars pick up pace and Disney+ will have to offer strong quality content to compete.


What do you think of Netflix’s viewing data?


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