Billie and her crew have kidnapped Jess and her father as they continue hunting the treasure in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original series, “National Treasure: Edge of History.” Meanwhile, Agent Ross makes a discovery that will shift her entire view on the case while also leading to treachery from within the department. Meanwhile, Liam, Oren, Tasha and Ethan continue trying to help Jess from home.

The penultimate episode of this season finally reveals who Salazar is. This ends up being the worst thing possible for Agent Ross as her boss, Agent Hendricks, is revealed to be the nefarious leader of the organization. Hendricks killed Sadusky. Hendricks is framing Jess for Sadusky’s murder. And, in the end, Hendricks ends up taking Ross out while Raphael recognizes him as the man who killed Billie’s brother. Meanwhile Billie is working for him.

I think this was intended to be some sort of major reveal, but it just feels predictable. Hendricks always seemed to be trying to find a way to keep everyone from looking into Sadusky’s death. The show has revealed very little about Hendricks until this episode, but it always felt like he was standing in Ross’ way and would be responsible for her ultimately not being able to stop the treasure hunt. It’s just so predictable. And, much like Jess and the majority of her crew, he is just so bland that it doesn’t connect.

There’s technically nothing wrong with this show, but it just isn’t working. It wants to be the spiritual successor to the “National Treasure” films, but it just isn’t. If you removed any and all connections to the “National Treasure” franchise, you would still have a perfectly fine serious that isn’t very memorable. It’s not dreadful, but it’s not appealing either. It really is just there.

Rating: 2 stars

What did you think of the most recent episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History?”


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