Jess breaks her father out of prison and figures out where the treasure is located only to be captured by Billie in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original series, “National Treasure: Edge of History.” Ethan and Tasha return from Mexico to immediately get captured by the FBI. Oren returns early and finds Liam who has been doing some snooping of his own and learned that Billie has been tracking basically everybody.

The predictability of this series continues. Jess is somehow able to break her father out of prison in a day. Billie knows that Jess will break her father out so she sends him shoes with a tracker, like she did with Oren, so she can hear everything. Billie then helps Jess and her father escape so it’s easier for her to figure out where the treasure is and then capture them. Meanwhile, this old man who has been following them reveals himself to work for Salazar. The only part of that plot that wasn’t predictable was that Salazar wound up being an organization and not the old man following them, himself.

This series reminds me too much of “Turner and Hooch.” There’s so much potential in the idea for the series, but the end product we keep getting is incredibly bland. They are both loosely connected to already popular intellectual properties that I’m sure helped the first few episodes of both, but I’m having a hard time believing people who jumped in expecting this series to be a lot like the movies have stuck around. Roger has pointed out on the podcast, and he’s right, that they could’ve called this some other name that vaguely hints as treasure hunting and little to nothing would change.

It’s all rather meh, and I can’t get worked up about it. It’s not good enough to love, but it’s also not bad enough to hate. The loose connection to a popular intellectual property is a minor nuisance. Everything is technically sound, but nothing stands out. If the numbers are there, it may get a second season. If it doesn’t get one, it’s not a big deal. If it does get a second season, it’s still not a big deal. I wish it were better, so I could rave about it. I wish it were worse, so I could rage against it. I just wish this show made me feel something rather than ambivalence.

Rating: 2 stars

What do you think of “National Treasure: Edge of History?”

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Jeremy Brown

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