Jess, Tasha and Oren head down to Mexico to search the original Alamo for the last treasure cube in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “National Treasure: Edge of History.” On the hunt, Jess learns that her father is still alive, but is imprisoned under the name Salazar. Meanwhile, Billie and her crew learn about the original Alamo in Mexico and head South of the Border to try to find the cube before Jess and her crew do. And Liam gets some help from his grandfather’s nurse who was working for Billie but has had a change of heart after framing Jess for murder.

The series finally took an interesting, albeit somewhat predictable, turn with the reveal that Jess’ father is still alive. It raises the question about who is Salazar that Jess’ mother warned her about, but I have a feeling that’s going to be the long-haired man who has been following the crew this entire time. While members of Jess’ team are still unlikable and Jess is still rather bland, there’s at least something to gain from the story going forward that was missing from the first six episodes of the series.

My major issue is with how this episode ended. Jess has made the risky decision to break her father out of prison. Given her DACA status, it will be almost impossible for her to re-enter the United States as it is. Now she’s adding aiding and abetting a known fugitive to her crimes? Plus, is she going to plan and execute a prison break in the next episode? Or will that take a few episodes? It feels like they are rushing from point A to point C without ever going to point B. It’s just too much crammed into a show that has enough episodes to build to a proper conclusion.

There are three more episodes left and it’s really hard for me to get excited about where this is going. I’m not really sure what the treasure is even though they’ve described it. I don’t understand Jess’ motivations beyond my father was a treasure hunter. Tasha’s hacking of Liam because he was quote “gullible” makes it impossible for me to like her. Liam has his moments but has been the red herring so many times, they might as well name him Red Herring (shoutout to “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo” for that one). Billie is performing like an over-the-top Bond villain in an attempt to get you to hate her, but she is the most likable person in the series. It’s just not hitting for me.

Rating: 2.5 stars

What do you think of the latest episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History?”

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