Jess, her friends and her father find the treasure while Billie avenges her brother’s death and goes full villain in the finale of the Disney+ Original Series, “National Treasure: Edge of History.” Meanwhile, Tasha and Oren were able to save Agent Ross before she died from the stab wound from Hendrick/Salazar. And Liam finds a clue to another treasure setting up another season if Disney chooses to renew the series.

Nothing about this finale was surprising, and it felt very low stakes. Every time it seemed like the creators would up the ante, they didn’t. Agent Ross should’ve died. Yes her last minute heroics to stop Billie’s men from killing Oren, Tasha, Ethan and Liam was great, but that should’ve been what she did in her final moments not a stopgap measure until her life was saved. Raphael was also buried in rubble when Pavlov’s C4 was used to blow a hole in the cave where the treasure was found. He should’ve died, as well, as a sacrifice to give his daughter the life he missed out on. There were so many different tracks to take and they kept taking the boring, predictable path.

While there were plenty of issues with this series, Catherine Zeta-Jones nailed the villain role, and, if there is a second season, I’m hopeful that she will break out of prison and return as an antagonist. Her ascension as soon as she realized Hendricks killed her brother is how true villains are created. She is justified in her quest but unjustified in her means. She blames Jess for Casey’s death even though it was Hendricks, as Salazar, who shot Casey in the back of the head. Her motivation has merit but her tactics do not. That’s a great villain. The writers did well by her character.

Will this series get another season? I don’t know. I don’t think the content was strong enough to warrant a second season, but, if the viewers showed up, a second season will be ordered regardless of content. The creators certainly felt like there was more to mine given how the finale ended. If a second season gets greenlit, I hope to see a lot of improvement from the first season.

Rating: 2 stars

What did you think of “National Treasure: Edge of History?”

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Jeremy Brown

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