It’s been almost twenty years since “National Treasure 2” was released in cinemas, and while Disney announced that a third film was in development back in 2008, it’s been stuck in development hell ever since. 

Multiple writers have been attached to the project, and Jerry Bruckheimer often gives little updates during interviews whenever asked if a third movie is still happening.  However, earlier this year, Nicholas Cage said he had no interest in returning for a third instalment in the franchise. 

Last year, Disney extended the popular “National Treasure” franchise by releasing a brand-new series called “Edge Of History”, which told the story of Jess Valenzuela, whose life is turned upside down when an enigmatic stranger gives her a clue to a centuries-old treasure that might be connected to her long-dead father. Jess has a knack for solving puzzles, and her skills are put to the test as she and her friends follow a series of clues hidden in American artefacts and landmarks. But can Jess outsmart a black-market antiquities dealer in a race to find history’s greatest lost treasure and unbury the truth about her family’s past?

Unfortunately, the series didn’t attract enough viewers, and it was cancelled after one season.  While the show had some links to the first two movies, such as cameos from Justin Bartha, returning to play Riley and Harvey Keitel playing his character, Sadusky, the show has left some fans of the franchise wondering if the show might be connected to a potential third film.

Recently, Jon Turteltaub, who directed the first “National Treasure” movie, spoke on the National Treasure Hunt podcast and was asked whether the Disney+ Series, “National Treasure: Edge of History” will have any impact on the upcoming “National Treasure 3″ film.

Realistically, I don’t think so. That was a Disney+ television-feeling show done by Disney+ television-feeling people and the movie will be more in the feature world. Although at this point, it is also Disney+. None of us feel that way. We don’t feel let down by the series or buoyed by the series. We just always thought, “We’re us and they’re them.”

It’s not uncommon for movies and TV shows from the same franchise to be considered slightly separate, especially from the movie side, though it does feel like Jon is throwing a little shade at the creators of the show, saying how it feels different and they have done their thing, we’ll do our own, which isn’t surprising since the show and movies are different on so many levels.

You can watch the two “National Treasure” films, along with the series “Edge Of History” on Disney+ now.

Roger’s Take:  I really enjoyed the first two films, but the show didn’t have that same vibe to it and just felt like a cheap knockoff.  So I would be more than happy if a potential third film just skipped over any events of the show, though maybe a little cameo or mention by Riley of Jess would be enough.  But in reality, I’m not sure if the project could continue without Nicholas Cage, but maybe if enough money was on the table, it could happen.

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