A couple of weeks ago, we saw Disney add a new music video under the “Extras” tab of the Pixar movie “Turning Red” and Disney+ adding and then quickly removing singalong versions of all the songs from Disney’s hit film “Encanto, I want to have a look at songs from popular Disney movies and franchises that I think Disney should upload to Disney+. Now I will say I will be tackling them as Disney uploads all the songs from those films as a series of shorts per film/franchise. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Simpsons Has Released Many Brilliant Songs Over Its Thirty Plus Years:

Okay, let’s start with arguably Disney+’s biggest adult-skewing franchise, “The Simpsons”. With many beloved classic songs such as “Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart”, “Monorail”, “Do The Bartman”, and “Plow King” among hundreds of other songs and themes from the long-running series as well as its spinoff shorts and movie. Disney could easily upload the music videos from “The Simpsons” and have them listed as a series of shorts with a title like  “The Simpsons Greatest Hits” and could easily have such a series have dozens of seasons if they do the usual fifty-two episodes seasons for episodes under ten minutes.

A Frozen Music Video Series Would Include Hits Like Into The Unknown and Let It Go:

Let’s move on to arguably Disney’s most successful Disney Animation franchise, “Frozen”. With two features, half a dozen shorts, a docuseries, and a broadway musical under its belt, it’s clear that “Frozen” is a major Disney franchise and the franchise has produced some certified bops since inception. Some notable songs from across the “Frozen” franchise include “Into The Unknown”, “First Time In Forever”, and the earworm many parents are still singing “Let It Go”.

Phineas and Ferb Has Tons Of Great Songs:

Now let’s look at a beloved Disney Channel series that recently got announced to get a revival, “Phineas and Ferb”. Whilst the series ran for four seasons and had several made-for-TV and streaming movies, “Phineas and Ferb” has produced so many great themes and songs. Some notable songs Disney could slap together as a series of musical shorts from the series, including hits such as “Busted”, “I’m Lindana And I Wanna Have Fun”, “Gitchee Gitchee Goo” and “My Nemesis”, among many others. 

Mary Poppins Has So Many Iconic Songs:

“Mary Poppins” has some of Disney’s best songs ever, with some of the more notable songs including “A Spoonful Of Sugar”, “Supercalifragilisticexialidocious”, “Jolly Holiday” and “Chim Chim Cher-ee”. “Mary Poppins” has some amazing songs, and adding them to Disney+ as a series of shorts would benefit fans of classic musicals.

Having The Star Wars Themes Would Feel Like An Orchestra: 

Star Wars has many great themes throughout its long expansive history, some of the most notable tracks include “Title Theme”, “The Imperial March”, “Duel Of The Fates”, “Anakin Vs Obiwan” and “Rey’s Theme”. Utilizing the iconic soundtrack of Star Wars as a series of shorts would be hugely beneficial to fans of Disney’s “Zenimation” series and fans of Star Wars themes.

Thousands Of Other Music Videos Could Boost Disney+

Disney’s music VEMO channels on YouTube have billions of views and thousands of music videos, all of which could be additional content on Disney+, especially if they can be added together into a playlist.   Before Disney+ launched, there was a streaming service called DisneyLife, that had lots of music videos, but so far, Disney still seems to keep music videos in a different category to shows and films.

Final Thoughts:

If it isn’t clear, I believe Disney+ could become a hub for all of Disney’s entertainment portfolio including TV, Film, Games, and of course Music. Disney has a music library that rivals every music label and artist that has ever existed. They have thousands of themes, melodies, and anthems from everything from “Mickey Mouse” shorts to modern-day “Bob’s Burgers” and everything in between. Will we see Disney integrate some series of shorts using a “Disney Hits” label, which would be songs from Disney movies and series? Well, we can’t predict what will happen in the future, but as of now, we haven’t heard of any such idea.

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Ethan Holloway

Ethan is an autistic, type one diabetic, Disney fan who grew up with properties like Iron Man, The Lion King, Aladdin and Toy Story. Ethan wants to someday get his own books/films/TV shows made to inspire those with disabilities to be themselves, but for now, Ethan covers his opinions on Disney, their content and how Disney+ can improve.

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