Following the release of the Disney+ Original series, “X-Men ’97”, Hollywood Records has announced that it is releasing the soundtrack to the series on Vinyl Record.

The highly anticipated series is as fun, thoughtful and emotionally charged as the original X-Men: The Animated Series, while being reimagined for a new generation of fans. But matching the energy, tone of the original was dependent on nailing the sound, and that clearly was top of mind for the series composers The Newton Brothers.

The Newton Brothers have produced an incredibly dynamic collection of music – from tackling the implications of serious political allegories, deep emotional truths, all while still embracing the fantastical surprises present in this universe (such as being sucked into a video game). “X-Men ’97” proves you can balance creativity and honouring legacy in interesting and original ways.

Mutant Co-Founder Eric Garza said in a statement regarding the release:

“Meeting expectations is hard. Exceeding them is even harder. ‘X-Men ’97’ makes it look effortless in nearly every way, including the music. Featuring an excellent and faithful update to Ron Wasserman’s original classic ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ theme, the Newton Brothers work on this series is brilliant.

Across 40 tracks and 80+ minutes, The Newton Brothers craft a soundscape that includes giant sweeping orchestral and synth-driven cues that could comfortably exist in any day of future past. It’s a bold and epic body of work worthy of Marvel’s merry mutants. We’re proud to celebrate this incredible series with the premiere vinyl soundtrack release on 2x 140-gram color vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket boasting gorgeous new exclusive artwork by the astonishing Phantom City Creative.”

Here’s the tracklist for this album:

Disc One

Side One

1. X-Men ’97 Theme
2. The Summers
3. Give Them the Forecast
4. The Trial of Magneto
5. Magnus the Savior
6. Goodbye
7. Mister Sinister
8. In Hell
9. Fight or Die
10 Remember Who You Are
11. What Have You Done?

Side Two

1. Fate of the X-Men
2. Betrayal or Forgiveness
3. Man vs. Machine
4. Boss Battle
5. Nightcrawler
6. A Peaceful Life
7. Trails of Love
8. Busy Bees
9. Invasion

Disc Two

Side One

1. A Different Empire
2 Sisterhood
3. Galactic Peace
4. She’s Back
5. We Need You
6. Requiem to Friends
7. Break In
8. Time Manipulation
9. Fight for Yourself
10. Bonding Time

Side Two

1. Too Little Too Late
2. Rising Up
3. Sentinels Attack
4. Metal Bends
5. Inevitable Vision
6. Bad Odds
7. X
8. You Hurt Me
9. Rising Waters
10. X-Men End Credits


The X-Men ‘97 Original Soundtrack is available for pre-order now on Mutant’s webstore   It is priced at $40 and will be released on 6 September 2024.   You can also download the digital version on platforms like Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.

Are you going to be adding this “X-Men ’97” Vinyl to your collection?  Let me know on social media!

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