Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cast and Creators gush about the new Disney+ animated series in this interview. Is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur set in the MCU and what it is like to work with Marvel were the main topics of discussion.

About Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: After 13-year-old super-genius Lunella accidentally brings ten-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City via a time vortex, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.

Participating Interview Talent:

  • Diamond White (Moon Girl)
  • Fred Tatasciore (Devil Dinosaur)
  • Libe Barer (Casey)
  • Gary Anthony Williams (Pops)
  • Rodney Clouden (Director)
  • Steve Loter (Producer)

What Is It Like To Be Working With Marvel?

Marvel is such a well-known fandom so to be a part of a series that falls under that umbrella must be absolutely incredible. During our interviews we asked not just the cast, but the creators as well, what it was like to be working with Marvel, and what drew them to the project.

Director Rodney Clouden explains that Producer Steve Loter and Laurence Fishburne developed the project, and that was enough for him. In fact, it was Fishburne who brought the project to the attention of Disney because he’s “a big comic book guy”. Clouden goes on to say that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur really drew him because he hasn’t worked on anything like it before. “Having a Black female protagonist who’s into STEM — and the opportunity to show a role model such as Lunella Lafayette — was a great opportunity for me.”

Steve Loter says that Marvel has been a part of his life from the very beginning. “My dad bought Amazing Spider-Man number four when it came out. So as you can tell, we’ve been a Marvel family since all the way back then. And with Laurence Fishburne and Helen Soglin from Blackish, and the producing company with Disney TV Animation and Marvel together, it was an opportunity that you could not pass up.” Loter adds that they shared a common vision early on that the show had to look and feel different. And that music had to be a really important part of the feel and tone of the show.

Diamond White exclaims “It’s wild!” before going on to add that she is absolutely honored and thankful to be the vessel of representation for this character, Lunella. Fred Tatasciore explains that this is very different looking and sounding show. “To be part of it, not only from the cultural aspect of this black teenage nerd that is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe, but then to be able to be her family member as a big T-Rex that she brings in and takes the time to learn his language. That’s a true honor.” He adds that the art and the music, the writing, the acting, all support each other. “Science is great, it’s explained visually, emotions are shown on the screen with art and it’s just a very different experience.”

Gary Anthony Williams confessed that to be associated with any Marvel project is amazing. But for this one, it is truly something special. “When it comes to the subject matter of 13 year old super genius, the first female African American superhero, one of the smartest people in that whole Marvel Universe — absolutely make me a part of this. I did not know how great it was until we started seeing some of the animation and seeing how popping and unique it is, then I was like, We are literally in the middle of something so special.”

Libe Barer closes it out by saying that she knew it was something special to begin with. She was able to record with Diamond, and the two were able to form a real friendship and riff off each other, which makes Casey and Lunella’s relationship really shine through on screen. But there is also a really fun tie to her sibling, as well. “My sister is Arielle Greer, who is on Marvel’s Runaways. Her superpower on that was she had a pet dinosaur. And then when I got this audition, I was like, Oh, it’s so fun. This is so funny. What a weird sister thing that we are both on different Marvel shows that have to do with dinosaurs.”

Is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Part Of The MCU?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has ties to the greater Marvel Universe, but is it officially part of the MCU? We just had to know the answer so we asked the Producer and Director, and they were eager to talk about it.

Steve Loter answers. “I’d like to think we’re complementary to the MCU. We’re all massive fans of all of the Marvel films and TV shows. And so you’ll see a couple of characters from the MCU appearing in the show here and there. But also, you’ll see a lot of deep cut kind of Marvel comic villains, antagonists, and protagonists showing up. So you’re gonna have to do some digging into the old comic books to kind of find the original source material for some of them.”

Rodney Clouden adds, “Some you’ll know some you’ve never even heard of, so you might have to go into that Marvel encyclopedia, and look for those characters.”

Be sure to check out the full interview before so that you can learn all about this new series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and hear how the actors are like their characters. You might even get a hint at which Marvel characters could show up as cameos!

All that being said, we cannot wait to see what Lunella and her big red dinosaur friend get up to in the new Disney+ series! It is sure to be a lot of fun, for Marvel fans of all ages!

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur premieres February 10 on Disney Channel and shortly thereafter on Disney+.

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