With the actors and writers strikes this year, production on shows and films around the world has come to a halt, which has resulted in the studios, including Disney, rescheduling many release dates, stretching out its lineup and pushing some projects back. While the writer’s strike is now over, so writing has been able to resume on writing scripts for television and movies, until the actor’s strike is resolved, there are possibilities of more delays in the future.

One of the projects currently impacted is Marvel Studios’ “Deadpool 3”, which was filming in the UK earlier this summer, and while many are expecting the film to get a bump in release date, causing the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe release schedule to be realigned, according to the Wrap, Disney is planning on keeping its May 3rd 2024 release date.

Insiders have said that once the Hollywood strikes have been resolved, the priority for the studios is to get its biggest films up and running again, which include “Mission: Impossible,” “Beetlejuice 2” and “Captain America: Brave New World.” There will be a backlog of filming, with projects that have already commenced filming will take priority, along with any required reshoots, especially now the writers can work on some of the projects like “Deadpool 3” and “Daredevil: Born Again”, which were filming for months, without the ability to change any lines due to the writers strike.

“The immediate priority for all studios is to get the movies that were shut down in mid-production up and running again”

Scheduling talent is going to be a major headache for all the studios when the actor’s strike is over, which will likely going to lead to many actors pulling out of some projects they are attached to, simply due to availability.  Plus, the studios are also likely to be fighting with one another over access to some talent, not just regarding filming, but also for promotional work, which the actors will be contractually obligated to do.    This will be slightly similar to what happened when work resumed after the pandemic, so likely, many lessons were learned.

It’s likely, that any projects which hadn’t started filming will already be delayed until 2024, such as the new “Fantastic Four” film, which will apparently start filming in the Spring.

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