Recently, during a recent interview at the Morgan Stanley Conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that they’ve quietly cancelled some projects but didn’t go into any details about what specific projects those were.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman has revealed that, reportedly, Marvel Studios is no longer moving forward to sequels for “Eternals”, “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania”, and “The Marvels”.

With both “The Marvels” and “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” failing to light up the box office with very low box office numbers, it should come as no surprise that Disney is wary of continuing those characters in their own movies. 

It’s disappointing to hear that a sequel to “Eternals” might not be on the cards. Development has been put on hold as Disney CEO Bob Iger apparently believes it’s destined to flop. Personally, I really enjoyed the film, and it ended with a massive cliffhanger to set up a second film. While the first “Eternals” film only pulled in $400 million at the box office, it was still in the pandemic era during 2021. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not going to see these characters again since they can also make appearances in other Marvel films and shows, like the upcoming Avengers films or in a “Young Avengers” project that was teased at the end of the “The Marvels”.

Marvel Studios will apparently be taking fewer risks and, instead, focusing on more guaranteed hits after the box office failure of the last few movies, which will likely see Marvel focus on more popular characters.

There are still plenty of other Marvel films and shows currently in development for the next few years, but Disney wants Marvel Studios to pull back on its release schedule, and focus more on making better quality shows and films, as audiences have become worn out on so many releases within the Multiverse Saga, that just haven’t clicked with audiences the same way as those in the Infinity Saga.

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