“Love, Victor” Season 3 will be the final season of the popular teen drama series. All eight episodes will release on June 15th on Hulu and Disney+. For long time fans, there won’t be a dry eye in the house as the series comes full circle, and has many touching moments. During the press day in support of Love, Victor season 3, the cast discusses the importance of a show like this — one that is not only full of inclusion and representation, but that is unafraid to deal with heavy topics like addiction and miscarriage.

Participating in the interview: Anthony Turpel (‘Felix’), Isabella Ferreira (‘Pilar’), Mateo Fernandez (‘Adrian’), Rachel Hilson (‘Mia’), Ava Capri (‘Lucy’), and Bebe Wood (‘Lake’).

The Importance Of Inclusion

Love, Victor centers around young, queer  people in high school, and that is something that hasn’t been done much before. When asked about what this means to the LGBTQIA+ community, Ava Capri says that it is “joyful and comforting.” She goes on to explain that she didn’t have a show like this when she was in high school, and that it would have meant the world to her. Capri is honored to play a part in telling that story.

When it comes to the real life issues that Love, Victor tackles, it meets them head on. Capri gives props to the writers, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, calling them icons. She says she can’t help but laugh and cry when on set. “I remember getting scripts and crying at Victor’s honest speeches about figuring it out. And how to be a parent to someone who is coming out and all that stuff. And then I watch it now and cry again. It’s just it’s so well done. And I’m so happy that it exists.”

Rachel Hilson adds that Love, Victor is a show that a lot of people can identify with, across all generations and cultures. “It’s for that reason – we tackle a lot of really common, but specific, experiences.”

A Satisfying Ending For All Characters

The final season of Love, Victor of course focuses heavily on Victor, but it also gives every single character their moment to shine. They all have their own story, and while the ending is open ended, it comes full circle and allows viewers to believe what they want about their favorite characters.

When asked if they were satisfied with where their characters are at the end of the Love, Victor series finale, it was unanimous that they were.

Isabella Ferreira says, “I think we closed it off as well as we possibly could have. I’m really proud of it. I’m really happy with the way that things ended with Pilar. We did what we had to do. These people are amazing. They’re my family, and just being able to work with them, and having a lot of growth these past three seasons, and seeing where she left off. It’s kind of an open ended situation as well. So I’m glad that it ended that way. Because you know, people can just assume what they want.”

Anthony Turpel agrees, “1,000% 1,000% I really enjoy how we left things. And just the journey throughout all of season three, was not only fun to film, but really cool to see a character you were for three years. And finally, I’m not sure if this is bad terminology, but lay it to rest. I was super happy with everything. With The scenes with Bella (who plays Pilar) and everyone else’s stories, as well. It was really fun just being able to see them work throughout this whole season.”

Mateo Fernandez adds, “I feel the same way. I’m really happy with how everyone’s story wrapped up. And I thought it was a really special way to end all of it with my character.”

Ava Capri says, “I’m happy with Lucy’s ending. I, of course, wish there were more episodes or more seasons to explore more things. I definitely think that we did what we could in the eight episodes, but I’m so happy with where we ended. I love our last episode, I cried thinking about it. Everyone gets their love story in some way. And I think it’s so beautiful. And I’m so excited for everyone to get to watch it.”

Bebe Wood agrees, “I’m super happy I think with the way things ended, for not only Lake, but for everyone. Everyone has their moment. I think, and I hope, the fans are happy, with the way everything ended up.”

Rachel Hilson closes it out with, “It’s hard to write an end – especially to a show like this. I do like to think that it’s not the end for these characters, and that they have these fictional futures that they’re going off into the sunset. I’m sure they’ll have their challenges along the way, but I’m really happy with them. I feel like Mia ends with some stability and some hope and I love that for her.”

Love, Victor season 3 will be available to binge on June 15th, with all episodes dropping at once on Disney+ and Hulu.

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