Season 2 of Love, Victor, the popular teen rom-com drama series, ended with a massive cliffhanger. Victor shows up at the door of the boy he chose to be with, but fans have been left waiting (far too long) to discover if that is Benji or Rahim. Luckily all is revealed in the first episode of Season 3, but there are two very distinct sides that fans. During the Love, Victor press day, we just had to ask the cast which side they were on. While a few of them struggled to decide, they all had fantastic answers. The cast also talks about the last day on set, and just how bittersweet it was, in this interview.

Participating in the interview: (‘Felix’), (‘Pilar’), (‘Adrian’), Rachel Hilson (‘Mia’), (‘Lucy’), and Bebe Wood (‘Lake’).

Team Benji or Team Rahim?

Anthony Turpel immediately jumps in with “Don’t do this!” He then continues on with, “I like them both. I like both of the characters a lot. I was kind of happy either way. George and Anthony are incredible people, and they really did an incredible job fleshing out those characters and performing them. So I’m just a fan of both the people, and the characters as a whole. So I’m fine with either really, I don’t have a side.”

Isabella Ferreira didn’t have to think long though, and said it was important for her to express her character’s thoughts. “I think I need to stay true to Pilar. Rahim is her bestie. So definitely team Rahim all the way.”

Mateo Fernandez just couldn’t make a choice, “I don’t know. It’s hard. Either way.”

Ava Capri also struggled with picking just one, “This is a difficult question. I love both the actors so much and both the characters. Lucy is BFFs with Benji, so I have a little bit of a bias there, but I love the character Rahim so much. I’m probably team first love and on Team Benji, but it’s difficult. I’m Team Victor, Team Rahim, and Team Benji.”

Bebe Wood gives one of the best and most reasoned answers, “I’m just going to say what I personally believe. I am Team Rahim, to be honest. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized the importance of befriending young people who are also the child and grandchild of immigrants. It’s really helpful to have those friendships and relationships. Victor grows up a lot and learns so much from his friendship with Rahim, so that’s a beautiful foundation for a potential relationship. I think it is also nice to like date people who have similar backgrounds and understand that part of your life, so I’m personally Team Rahim.”

Rachel Hilson loved her answer so much, she just had to steal it — but add a little twist of her own. “I’m gonna copy [Bebe’s] answer. Copy / Paste. I do like the idea of first love, though. It’s cute.”

What Was The Last Day On Set Like?

This show is not just something that fans have been invested in for three years, it is something that the cast dedicated years of their lives to. This series comes full circle, and knowing it was the final day on set, must have been emotional. So we asked the cast what that day was like and while they all have lovely answers, one theme resonates through them all — bittersweet.

Isabella Ferreira takes a deep breath before discussing a day that she clearly still thinks about, “The last day was so emotional. It was a lot. It was extremely bittersweet. I think we were all mentally ready, but it’s hard to let go of something that’s been a part of your life for the past three years. These people have grown to be my family. And this show has grown to be our little baby that we crafted and tried so hard to work on. It was definitely hard. A lot of tears, but it was, it was good. We were all there for each other. So it was lovely.”

Anthony Turpel has a more optimistic approach to the day, “Yeah, it’s a real bittersweet moment. I’m trying to be on the side of, don’t be sad that it’s gone, be happy that it happened. That’s kind of where I’m at. But this experience as a whole has just been incredible. So it’s only natural to be pretty sad that it’s going away.”

Mateo Fernandez adds, “It was really a very emotional moment. Very bittersweet. I’m gonna miss you all so much. This has been such a big part of my life, that it’s hard to say goodbye. It almost doesn’t feel real, right. But I mean, I’m really happy that I was part of it to begin with.”

Ava Capri gives fans an inside look at what the last day was like, and what the rest of the cast was like that day, “I don’t think it was a dry eye in any of the main cast. Anthony K. was just losing it. Michael (who plays Victor) gave an amazing speech. We all knew how special this show is, and making this show was, and our connection to each other. It’s gonna be really hard to find a show that feels like it felt to make Love, Victor. Bittersweet. But a lot of bitter. A lot of sadness for sure.”

Rachel Hilson says, “It was a night. It was an evening. I think we finished in the wee hours of the morning. Like at 7am. We were all sleepy, hungry, wired, emotional. And it definitely felt like a full circle sort of day. Lots of hugs, lots of tears, lots of food.”

Bebe Wood focused on the fun of the evening, recalling the cast dancing together, “There was a lot of dancing in the parking lot, afterward. We were all just so exhausted, to be honest. Exhausted, emotional, happy, sad, proud. I just remember that we were filming in Malibu, and there was a whole bunch of dust and sand in the parking lot. I just remember clouds of dust being kicked up while people danced and stuff. Someone had a boombox and was blasting music.”

Learn who Victor chooses, and see what the cast was talking about with their final night of filming, when Love, Victor season 3 comes to Disney+ and Hulu, on June 15th.

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