In the Giza section of Egypt, there are a lot of pyramids that are believed to have been the tombs of the ancient pharaohs. But, no actual pharaohs remains have ever been found. Now, Egyptologists may be on the verge of re-writing history in the documentary, “Lost Tombs of the Pyramids.” This documentary follows a team of Egyptologists, archaeologists and excavators as they unearth and examine the lost tombs. Many believe this expedition had the potential to be the most important discovery in Egypt since King Tut’s tomb was found.

This documentary focuses on three pyramids built near each other that are believed to house the tombs of three ancient pharaohs. It was great to see the team searching as they try to discover where these three pharaohs might be buried. Ancient Egypt is one of the great wonders of the world. Despite us knowing what seems to be a lot about that time period, there’s so much that we still don’t know, so I love seeing documentaries like this that help us learn more. I’ve never been to Egypt, but I would love to go see the ancient pyramids and learn more from actually visiting the area rather than just documentaries, but for now, specials like this will have to do.


In the end, the biggest discovery was that of a common grave that also housed a sarcophagus. While it didn’t contain any mummified remains of an ancient pharaoh, it gave a clue that the pharaoh may have actually been buried there. As they said in the documentary, it wouldn’t be the first time a pharaoh would be found buried in a common grave. The Egyptologists, archaeologists and excavators did find proof of a child buried in the area and that there was some connection between those in the common grave and the pharaoh who experts believed was entombed in the pyramid.

This was a well-done, very informative documentary. It gives a lot of insight into the pyramids of Giza. It helps you understand more about the three pharaohs whose tombs we are still trying to discover and if these pyramids, where we thought they were entombed, were actually their tombs. It had my attention for its entire length. I hope to see more documentaries about ancient Egypt added to Disney+ in the future.

Ranking: 3.5 stars out of 5

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