Marshal Givens has a plan to capture Clement Mansell, but one of the marks has decided to take revenge while Sweety is trying to get out from under Mansell’s thumb and Carolyn is looking to take out her competition for the judgeship in the latest episode of “Justified: City Primeval.” It all comes to a head with Mansell detained but walking free and Givens figuring out that someone is playing him, he’s just not sure who. And Mansell and Sweety finally have a final falling out.

After Mansell is detained, the police officer leading the investigation is the one who declares Mansell to be clean and lets him go. While this is the correct move, by the book, Givens figures out that no single person is as lucky as Mansell is proving to be. He’s figured out someone is tipping Mansell off. He’s just trying to figure out if it’s Carolyn who is Mansell’s attorney or if it’s someone else he has been working with, either as an informant or a police officer. Givens is not foolish and he knows someone is tipping off the Oklahoma Wildman.

This episode sets up a lot of questions. It’s known that Carolyn wants the judgeship and police used her biggest competition as bait since she was one of the names in the Judge’s book. With the police quickly deeming Mansell clean, Givens also has to wonder if one or more of the officers has been compromised and is helping Mansell so that book is not found. This book is causing far more problems than it needs to be causing and Mansell is reaping all of the benefits.

This comes to a head with Mansell killing Lonnie, the man the former mark sent to kill Mansell, and Sweety after the bar owner finally stood up to Mansell. That’s likely to have lasting implications and may be the mistake that finally gets Mansell caught. Sweety is well liked despite being a somewhat unsavory character. Sweety has a connection to Carolyn, he has a significant other who loves him, and even Sandy, Mansell’s muse, has a soft spot for Sweety. This could lead to others finally turning on him.

I can’t wait to see who else is named in that book. I think it’s the lead officer on the case, as well, as some of the other officers. I also think Carolyn will come back around given her attraction to Givens and her connection to Sweety. She doesn’t care about Mansell, and he may be pushing her over the edge. With two episodes left, this show is really heating up.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Justified: City Primeval?”

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