Today, all eight episodes of the Latin American original series “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, were released on Disney+ around the world.  Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novel of the same name, the new adventure and sci-fi series follows a group of kids on a voyage through a parallel dimension in which they discover a fascinating world and fight to protect the ecological balance of the planet.

In “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” Diego (Sebastián García) is sent by his parents to a camp run by Pompilio Calderón (ÓscarJaenada). There, together with his siblings and friends, he finds the abandoned car of his grandmother Pola (Margarita Rosa de Francisco), and following her footsteps, he arrives to a mysterious portal leading to another dimension. When Diego discovers a powerful family secret, he understands he must protect the dimension he has found, but his mission is not that simple – Pompilio and his henchman Claudio (Mauricio “El Diablito” Barrientos) will do everything in their power to destroy this fantastic world they have encountered.

Made entirely in Mexico by TIS (formerly Estudios TeleMéxico), the new production is directed by JM Craviotto. Rounding out the cast are Gabriel Goity (“Jules Verne”), Yankel Stevan (“Martín”), Manuel Márquez (“Pedro”), Paola Miguel (“Ana”), Valery Sais (“Laura”), Camila Núñez (“Violeta”), Carla Adell (“Andrea”), Emilio Treviño (“Felipe”), Israel Capetillo (“Mauro”), Camila Valero (“Evelyn”), Luigi Cerrada (“Antonio”), Luciana Tappan (“Raquel”), Daniel Sáez (“Pote”), and Maximiliano Uribe (“Fermín”).

The entire series is available to stream on Disney+.

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