Disney Legend Bill Farmer takes us to a Hawaii to introduce us to some special dogs that protect the wildlife on the islands in the latest episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” We meet a team of border collies who protect the Nene, a native bird to the Hawaiian islands, from entering the flight paths of plane landing on the island of Kauai. Then, we head to the island of Oahu and meet a team of Jack Russell terriers and Jack Russell mixes who sniff out snakes that have made their way to the islands.

The Hawaiian islands are some of the most beautiful places on this earth and have some of the most beautiful animal and plant life you will find anywhere. One of the best birds native to the islands is the Nene. But, as tourism has picked up on the islands, airplanes can be a threat to the birds if they get in the plane’s flight path. So, the team of border collies help wrangle the birds and keep them safe. It’s really cool to see how the team is able to keep the bird’s safe. Plus, we get to meet the trainer who actually trained them in North Carolina before moving them to Hawaii to work and protect the islands. I love seeing the dogs step up and protect wildlife. Border collies are beautiful dogs and they have a wonderful protective instinct. I love seeing them at work.

Next, Bill Farmer takes us to Oahu to meet a trio of Jack Russell terriers and Jack Russell mixes. These dogs have a wonderful sense of smell to sniff out snakes that have made their way onto the island. Snakes are not native to Hawaii but some manage to find their ways onto the island. Snakes can be a danger to plant, animal and, if poisonous, human life on the islands. But, these Jack Russells do a great job of sniffing them out to protect the land. Just like the border collies, it’s really cool to see this trio of pups at work. I’m not the biggest fan of snakes, so it’s awesome to see animals in action protecting the islands from snakes. I can’t imagine having a sense of smell that is so useful, but I’m glad there are dogs that have this ability.

This week in Pluto’s Pointers, Bill Farmer teaches us how to train a new puppy to behave when you leave the house. Many new puppies will be confused when their owners leave for the day, so it’s great to learn how to train them properly. After using these easy steps, a new puppy will come to expect you to leave for a little bit and then be as happy as a clam to see you when you get home.

And, finally in Goofy’s Hometown Heroes, we meet a pair of dogs who saved their owner’s life. When she told them to get help, they were caught on security camera figuring out how to get out of the house and to get a neighbor back to call for help. These are two true heroes and it was great to see their story.

This is the finale of the first season of this Disney+ Original series. It was really cool getting to see all of these wonderful dogs over the past 10 weeks. I’m always here for cute dog content and this series delivered. I hope it gets a second season, but I don’t think it needs to be a weekly release. Every episode of a second season should be released on the same day. This is the perfect, lighthearted series to binge-watch.


Episode: 4 stars out of 5

Series: 3.5 stars out of 5

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