The voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto, Bill Farmer, introduces us to some dogs that put on stunts and help rescue people in the water in the latest episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” Much like many of the rest of the dogs we meet, these dogs are immensely talented and a lot of fun to watch while in action.

I’ve always loved watching dogs that could do cool stunts, so it was really cool to see an entire troupe of dogs performing stunts together. Highlighting these types of dogs can be tricky, because of the history of people abusing the performing animals. But, the couple who takes care of this troupe of stunt dogs does an amazing job taking care of them. These are the stories that should be highlighted. I love seeing how much they love these dogs and how much joy the dogs bring them. You can tell the couple also brings joy to the dogs. It’s a wonderful relationship that I love to see.

More importantly than the stunt dogs are the dogs who perform water rescues. We learn how they are trained, how their coats help protect them while they are in the water and we see them as they try to get certified as rescue dogs. This is an excellent way to incorporate dogs into employment opportunities. I’m all for cute dogs who are also indispensable, and these are some awesome dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs we meet in this segment fails its certification, so it has to wait another year before attempting again, but it’s still really cool to see the dogs try and get certified. I really hope this dog gets certified next year. I loved seeing the hard work put in and want to see the dog rewarded.

Goofy’s Hometown Heroes was especially poignant for me this week. We meet a dog that works with school-aged children. I love seeing how dogs work with young kids, especially those on the autism spectrum as both of my sons are on the spectrum. It’s a wonderful thing to see how animals work with special needs kids. And, it gives me something to look forward to when my kids work with animals.

In Pluto’s Pointers, we learn how to clean up a dog that’s gotten covered in mud. That’s something you can expect with almost any dog as they tend to love getting dirty. It’s good for viewers who may be looking at getting a dog to know what to do to help get the dogs clean. These pointers are always wonderful for potential pet owners and I love how Disney+ has incorporated it into the show.


Episode: 4 stars out of 5

Series: 3.5 stars out of 5

What did you think of this episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life?”

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