This week, Disney has launched its new social media accounts for Disney+ in Italy, France, Spain and the UK, which included a new video showcasing some of the content available on Disney+ in a shape of a O, such as the sun from “The Lion King”, Captain America’s shield and the Death Star, plus a “Simpsons” donut.

However eagle eyed fans have spotted a difference between the regions, as in the UK video, “The Simpsons” donut is missing.

This is leading many to speculate that “The Simpsons” won’t be available on Disney+ at launch in the UK.  As in none of the promotional material being emailed out to current DisneyLife subscribers is including any “Simpsons” images.  And there is no

It’s likely that due to an existing contract that 20th Century Fox made with Sky and Channel 4 is to blame, though “The Simpsons” isn’t currently available to stream on any platform in the UK.   But we might have to wait until Disney+ launches in the UK on March 24th to know if this is the case.

There is likely to be regional differences between countries, due to existing contracts, but losing “The Simpsons” in the UK would be a big loss for British subscribers.

Do you think “The Simpsons” will be missing from Disney+ from the UK launch lineup?

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Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Twitter: Facebook:

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