Before Disney took over LucasFilm in 2012, many projects were put on hold or cancelled including a Star Wars show called Detours.

This show was an animated television series that featured a comedic look at the Star Wars universe.  Nearly 40 episodes were created by never officially released as on March 11th, 2013, Lucasfilm announced that it had postponed the series in order to concentrate on Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

The series took place between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, with episodes lasting about 6 minutes each.  But last year, Lucasfilm filed a new trademark for the series.

Recently, Yahoo Movies spoke with Seth Green to promote his latest movie, Changeland, where he was asked about a old project he worked on for Star Wars and if it could come to Disney+ in the future:

I was thinking about your show Star Wars: Detours. Has there been any talk about bringing that to the streaming service Disney+?

There hasn’t been any official talk, but that has seemed to be a really organic path for it. When we were making the show originally, there wasn’t a plan for distribution. George [Lucas] wanted to make this show, and his thoughts seem to be that he would manufacture it under his own conditions and then license it to another platform. And then we stopped down our production when the company got sold to Disney, and they announced that they were going to focus on expanding the perpetual existence of Star Wars as a global IP.

We had networks that wanted to put the show on for the next three years leading up to Episode VII (The Force Awakens) coming out. And the conversation that we had with Lucasfilm was: If these next three years are spent programming a sort of deconstructive comedy inside the Star Wars universe to young kids, that’s going to be their first brush with Star Wars. And that’ll be misinformative for receiving something like Episode VII, or the ongoing future plans for Star Wars, where the specter of Darth Vader is supposed to loom large like the fall of Stalin. And if you spent these three years watching our comedy — essentially a Simpsons in the Star Wars universe — you would see the dynamic between Darth Vader and the Emperor as more of a Michael Scott and a beleaguered Rupert Murdoch. So because I’d had this experience of people saying that they had shown their kids Robot Chicken or Family Guy episodes before they showed them actual Star Wars, I really understood the idea of distorting your kids’ ability to perceive these icons in the same way that I had. And so it made a lot of sense, honestly, to delay the release of the show until this push had been completed.

But now that we’re at a place where Episode IX is coming out, and where there is a massive global platform that demands a volume of content, I think it’s reasonable to think that we’d get to see Detours at some point. Again, we haven’t had any kind of official conversations about it. But I’ll say again, I love the show. It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, and the team of awesome people that we assembled both on the writing and production side, but also on the voiceover side, it’s insane. So really, I do hope we get to share it with audiences at some point.

While the series has been sat around the vaults of Disney for years, Disney+ could give them a way of using these shows, especially as a additional Disney+ Original series and how much money would have been put into developing this series.

Would you like to see Star Wars: Detours released on Disney+?

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Roger Palmer

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  1. Regina martin June 9, 2019

    Yes I would definitely love to see the Star Wars. Show on Disney plus. Come On im so ready. Let’s get This in action. Im Ready to put my money down. For it. Can’t wait. So so excited ? I’m So Ready. This November will be the best November ever can’t wait it’s gina be the best Christmas gift to me also.

  2. ILDC June 10, 2019

    Hey, where did the 6 minutes part come from? Green said back in 2012 "it's not sketch-based, it’s not short form."