The rumor mill is in full swing for what shows could be coming to Disney+ in the future and one of these rumors is that there is a new series based on Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit.

Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit is one of Walt Disney’s original creations before Mickey Mouse, but due to legal reasons, Walt Disney never owned the character and it took 80 years until Disney was able to gain ownership of the character.

Since then Oswald has appeared in the Epic Mickey 2 video game, meet and greet appearances at Disney Theme Parks and was used in the 2013 animated short Get a Horse!.

There have been rumors of a new series based on Oswald for a few years, with some evidence that the series was in development as some details were discovered on Mark Baldo’s LinkedIn page, saying that he was working on an Oswald cartoon, but was then deleted once attention was brought to it.

Other evidence of a new series based on Oswald being developed by Disney include some now deleted tweets from Steve Lowtwait, saying the project was “hush-hush”.

It is worth noting that these tweets were from 2015, so this Oswald series rumor has been floating around for some time.  While it does look like Disney were working on a Oswald project, it could have been delayed for Disney+ or simply just cancelled.

Once again, just a reminder nothing has officially been announced regarding a series based on Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit and should be treated as a rumor.


Would you like to see a Oswald series on Disney+?


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  1. Sarah April 19, 2019

    Yes!! I love Oswald and he needs his own show, he’s my favorite character, SO underrated.

  2. Therin July 24, 2019

    ? I think he deserves more attention and should get his own show. I’ve admired Oswald for years and have always dreamed of him being brought back. Certainly it sounds interesting, and I do think it is worth it. There’s no harm in something different for a change