Scrat must learn how to become a father while still trying to chase his beloved acorn in the Disney+ Original Series, “Ice Age: Scrat Tales.” This series features six shorts that are between three and five minutes each. When the series begins, Scrat is trying to eat the acorn, but loses it down the mountain and ends up finding a baby squirrel that he must protect. But as Baby Scrat becomes interested in the acorn, it’s a battle between Scrat and Baby Scrat to get it. In each short, Scrat alternates between trying to steal the acorn for himself and trying to protect Baby Scrat from danger. In the end, Baby Scrat will do anything to get the acorn and Scrat is trying to keep it for himself.

This series is a nice tribute to the legacy of Blue Sky Studios. I believe this is the last thing Blue Sky produced. “Ice Age” was easily the biggest property Big Sky ever produced and it’s nice that Disney has found a way to keep the adventures going on Disney+. Scrat was amazing comic relief in the early “Ice Age” movies, and he is the best choice to carry a series of shorts meant to entertain in a humorous way. This may be the last we get of him but I hope we get more.

(L-R): Baby Scrat (voiced by Karl Wahlgren) and Scrat (voiced by Chris Wedges) in 20th Century Studios’ ICE AGE: SCRAT TALES, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Blue Sky Studios. © 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

While it’s a nice tribute to Blue Sky’s legacy, this is far from a great series of shorts. They are entertaining. They are funny. It’s not a bad way to spend 30-plus minutes to get through the six shorts. But there’s not a lot to them. They aren’t a series that’s going to push the limits. The plot of all of them will be the same, even if the actions in them may be different. This is a great series for young kids who like “Ice Age” but it’s not something that’s going to draw in older fans on their own.

I can see this series of shorts doing well and getting a greenlight for another series of shorts. It’s great for kids and probably didn’t cost too much to produce. I’ll definitely check out any more of these with my kids, but I’m also not going to be sitting by hoping Disney+ adds more. They are great for what they are meant to be, but I hope Disney is able to do more with the “Ice Age” series going forward.

Ranking: 2 stars out of 5.

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