On the 1st of November 2023, Disney+ will be raising the price in many countries around the world, including the UK, Canada and many countries across the world.

The reason for the price rises is simply, that Disney wants more money, because the streaming services are not making any profit, and they priced Disney+ low, to get people hooked on the service to increase the price later.

Many Disney+ subscribers have been getting emails informing them of the annual price rise of the Premium tier, which is £30 a year, there are alternation options, as  Disney is making some changes to how Disney+ is offered. Currently, there is only one tier, the ad-free tier, which will be called Disney+ Premium from November 1st 2023.  This is the tier that is getting the biggest price rise.

However, Disney+ is offering some alternatives, as it is launching two brand new tiers, Standard and Standard, with ads.

The Standard tier will be priced at the same price that Disney+ is offered right now, at just £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year.  The new Standard tier is still ad-free. However, there are a few changes, such as only being able to stream on two devices simultaneously, and it no longer includes Dolby Atmos or 4K content.  So if you only use Disney+ on two devices at a time and aren’t bothered about having 4K, you can switch to the Standard tier, and it won’t cost you any more.   Plus, you can still buy an annual subscription to save two months’ worth of subscription.  So, if you know you’re going to be keeping Disney+ for a whole year, this is the way to save money.

If you are looking to save money and don’t mind watching adverts, the new Standard with Ads is priced at just £4.99 a month. However, with this plan, you can’t buy an annual subscription to save money.

Existing subscribers in applicable markets will remain in the Premium tier with No Ads when their subscription price increases in December, unless they opt to switch to one of the new lower-priced plans.

Here are some further details on the new tiers:

Standard with Ads




Exclusive Originals and Library Content

Subscription Price











Video Quality

Up to Full HD 1080p

Up to Full HD 1080p

Up to 4K UHD & HDR

Concurrent Streams






5.1 and Stereo

5.1 and Stereo

Dolby Atmos


The big reason for this change, is that Disney is trying to encourage new subscribers, along with trying to shift as many people as possible to the ad-supported tier, where they make more money.   For many, the new lower-priced ad-supported tier is going to meet their demands; if you only watch a few titles a week on Disney+ and are happy with adverts, you could save £6 a month.

One key aspect to consider with changing tiers, is working on how many concurrent streams you need.  If you only watch Disney+ on your TV in your living room or bedroom, Standard is going to be fine.  But if you’ve got a large family with people watching in different rooms around the house, it’s worth looking at staying on Premium (the current version).

It’s also worth noting, that Disney is going to be starting to enforce those concurrent stream limits and start cracking down on people sharing accounts with other households.  Disney hasn’t been enforcing the concurrent stream limit system, but is going to start soon.  So if your partner, parents, siblings or friends live in another house, this is going to be much more difficult to do.  If someone is using your account in another household, you may need to explain that things are going to be changing, similar to how Netflix cracked down on sharing accounts.

If you’re currently on a monthly price plan for Disney+ and you can afford it, buying an annual subscription now before the price rises and changes take effect on November 1st 2023, could save you some money. But you’ll have to be quick.

While the price rises and changes are obviously not ideal for us, if you are looking to save money, or perhaps have


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