Two of the most deadly creatures in Africa must go to battle over the dwindling river during the dry season in the National Geographic documentary, “Hippo vs. Croc.” The crocodile is the apex predator of Africa’s rivers, but a hippopotamus has the testosterone, teeth and ability to snap a crocodile in half. The two creatures can usually live in harmony, but as the river dries up, it becomes a battle over the area and a potential fight for survival.

This is a very interesting documentary, because it involves a creature that everyone thinks of as dangerous with one that is often thought of as docile. Admittedly, it’s a mischaracterization of the nature of hippos, but people who don’t grow up around them often only see them lounging in water rather than in their more violent moments. This documentary does a great job demonstrating how the male hippos, in particular, are filled with so much testosterone that they are almost always angry and ready to attack something they view as a threat.

The most interesting aspect of this documentary, for me, was the devastation two mothers felt during this battle. A crocodile mother laid dozens of eggs, but none of her babies survived due to the hunger of her own kind. Meanwhile, a baby hippo is being raised by the beach master, but during the battle between the hippos and the angry mother crocodile, the baby hippo is accidentally killed by her own kind. It’s a look at the beauty and the devastation of nature.

This is an intriguing look at two creatures we don’t get to see too often in the wild in the United States. There are crocodiles in the United States, but they are slightly different to the ones shown in this documentary. There are no wild hippos in the US. It’s a great way to learn more about both of these beautiful, yet terrifying, creatures.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of “Hippo vs. Croc?”

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