This year, the Academy Awards is due to take place a bit later this year on 25th April 2021. Due to many local restrictions resulting in cinemas around the world being closed, the Oscars are allowing films that have debuted on streaming platforms to be eligible for nominations.

However, one of the biggest smash-hit releases of 2020 was “Hamilton”, which debuted on Disney+ in July after being pulled forward from its theatrical release in 2021, isn’t going to be eligible for an Oscar.

According to THR, who questioned the Academy about the film’s inclusion, was told the Academy’s Awards Rule Committee met to discuss the film, and they had decided to disqualify it.

“The Awards Rules Committee will evaluate all matters of rules and eligibility.”

“Hamilton” is a little different to your usual movie, since it was filmed years ago during three Broadway performances before the original cast members began departing the show.

Disney paid $75 million for the worldwide distribution rights of these shows and edited them together with a few extra shots.  It was a huge draw for Disney+ when it launched, pulling in millions of new subscribers.

“Hamilton” will be eligible for both the Golden Globe Awards and SAG Awards, though it will be treated as a “TV Movie” at the SAG Awards.

Do you think “Hamilton” should be nominated for an Oscar?


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  1. JT January 10, 2021

    No, it is not a movie. Concerts don’t get nominated either.

  2. ScionStorm January 11, 2021

    The Oscars are a joke anyway. So who cares.