Today saw the release of the new Disney+ Original movie “Flora & Ulysses” and to tie-in with that release, a new soundtrack is available now on digital platforms to stream or download from retailers including Amazon.

The album features the film’s original score composed by Jake Monaco, who has previously worked on the Disney+ Original series, “Forky Asks a Question” along with “Like a Boss” and “The Men Next Door”.

In the movie, Flora, a 10-year-old girl with an imaginative mind, rescues a squirrel and names him Ulysses. She soon discovers that Ulysses is blessed with superpowers which help them embark on various adventures.

Here is the tracklisting for this album:

1. A Girl and Her Squirrel (1:28)
2. Flora the Cynic (1:08)
3. Vacuums Suck (1:11)
4. Fuzzy, Damp and Slightly Nutty (1:32)
5. What Happened to Dad? (2:11)
6. Squirrelly Sense (1:16)
7. I Am Ulysses (2:40)
8. Flying Rodents, Falling Donuts (1:57)
9. It’s Miller Time (0:39)
10. Newton’s Cradle (1:23)
11. Mr. Klaws (1:37)
12. Locked Doors (1:16)
13. Word Puzzle/OK to Hope (1:31)
14. Pop Tart Incident (0:52)
15. Snoozi Doozi (1:10)
16. Thanks for Keeping It Weird (0:36)
17. A Hero Never Rests (1:45)
18. Stashing the Squirrel (1:00)
19. Do Nut Go Gentle (2:08)
20. William Was My Father’s Name (1:38)
21. Alone in the World (2:31)
22. The Thorny Blowfish (2:00)
23. GoPher It (0:49)
24. Animal Control (2:05)
25. Emergency Release (2:40)
26. Flying Squirrel (1:44)
27. Flare Up Like a Flame (1:24)
28. Ulysses Es Grand (1:33)
29. Shadows – Joel P West (2:48)


Flora & Ulysses is available to watch now on Disney+.


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