ABC Signature Studios is developing a brand new limited series that is currently going by the working title of “Orphan”, which tells the true story of Natalia Grace and the Midwestern couple who adopted her believing she was a little girl with dwarfism but gradually started to believe she may not be who she said she was.

The series tells the story of what happened in 2019, when Michael, an upbeat Midwestern dad and retail manager, was charged, along with his ex-wife Kristine, for the neglect and abandonment of their daughter Natalia, whom they adopted in 2010.

Already in the public eye because of Kristine’s bestselling book The Spark– about raising their son Jacob, a science prodigy– Michael’s world begins to crumble as he and Kristine are forced to defend the narratives they’ve spun about Natalia in the courts of law and public opinion.   

Deadline has revealed that Dulé Hill and Sarayu Blue have joined the cast. The project will also star Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, as Kristine Barnett. She is also an executive producer on the project, which is the first acting project she has been involved in for years. This is why Ellen has stepped back from appearing in every episode of the popular media drama.  

The upcoming series will also star Mark Duplass, who plays Kristine’s husband, Michael, and is the adoptive father of Natalia, who is going to be played by Imogen Faith Reid.


Dulé Hill will play Brandon Drysdale, the detective investigating the criminal allegations made against the Barnetts. As he searches for justice amid the twists and turns of Natalia’s case, he becomes increasingly emotionally involved in her story. Dulé has previously starred in “The Wonder Years” and “Psych.”

Sarayu Blue will play Valika, a parent of one of the kids at Kristine’s (Pompeo) daycare centre. Elegant and sophisticated, Val is grateful for Kristine’s work with her neurodivergent daughter, and over the course of the series, she becomes one of her close friends and confidants. Sarayu Blue has previously starred in “Station 19,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Hollywood Stargirl.”

This new series was written by Katie Robbins, who is also the showrunner, writer, and executive producer. Sarah Sutherland is also a writer and executive producer. Laura Holstein is producing the show, and Mike Epps, Dan Spilo, Niles Kirchner, and Andrew Stearn are also serving as executive producers. Liz Garbus directs and executive produces the pilot.

“Orphan” is going to be released on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the United States and we should also expect to see it released as a Star Original on Disney+ around the world.

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