Hot off the heels of Disney announcing Disney+ would be launching in Western Europe on March 31st 2020, Disney has also confirmed that the British & Irish streaming service, DisneyLife, will be rebranded to Disney+ in March.

This was confirmed in multiple Facebook posts

DisneyLife subscribers will be contacted soon to be made aware of the change and how to transition their subscription to Disney+.

DisneyLife has been running for years, but has been almost abandoned by Disney, with in frequent updates, very little device support (such as it was never brought to consoles) and even the social media accounts for the platform haven’t been vocal in years.

We reported months ago that DisneyLife was due to close when Disney+ launched, but rebranding it does make more sense.  They’ve already got an established subscriber base, which is already linked in with Disney Accounts.  It does however leave many UK fans wondering why shows like Star Wars: The Mandalorian or movies like Noelle, can’t just be added to DisneyLife in the meantime.

There are no doubt many legal contract issues why the rest of Europe has to wait for months for the official release of Disney+, but least now UK and Ireland DisneyLife customers know what’s going to happen.


Are you a DisneyLife subscriber?

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  1. Martin November 8, 2019

    I'm a Disney Life subscriber. I'm looking forward to the rebrand, however I hope they keep the live tv option but upgrade the stream to HD/4k and keep the story books on the app. I'm also hoping as a existing Disney Life subscriber we get the option of some sort of founder like discount.