As Disney continues to make changes to its streaming business to increase engagement within the app, such as the recent introduction of Hulu On Disney+ in the United States, it looks like Disney is looking to the past to increase viewership.

According to the Information, Disney is looking to create some channels within Disney+ that shows programming based on specific genres, such as Marvel and Star Wars, which would likely be a continuous loop.

Many streaming platforms are starting to add themed channels, allowing a more traditional television experience, where you can flick through channels to find something to watch. With thousands of movies and shows available within Disney+, it can be tricky to find something to watch, so the use of channels would help with this; plus, many people like to just put something on in the background, like a traditional channel.

Disney has recently been adding more free channels on the ABC app, including “20/20” and “General Hospital.” Disney also offers some limited channels on Hulu, like ABC News. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these replicated within Disney+.

Other advantages would also likely come from advertising, which can be directly programmed into these channels to raise additional revenue for the company.

Obviously, not everyone would want to use these channels, but they are an additional feature that could help increase viewership.  

Disney hasn’t officially announced that channels are on their way to Disney+, so this feature might be a while away from being released to subscribers, but with the launch of Hulu On Disney+, hopefully, we will start seeing more new features added to the streaming service in the future.  And now that the US version of Disney+ is more in line with how it works internationally, with more mature content from its brands like ABC, FX and 20th Century Studios, these types of features are much more easier to implement globally

This is a feature I’ve personally wanted Disney+ to add for years, as way before Disney+ launched in the UK, the previous streaming service, DisneyLife offered live-streams of the Disney Channel.  Though it’s unlikely Disney+ would have live streams of the linear channels since cable providers wouldn’t want this, as new deals are being made with cable platforms to include Disney+ with ads in bundles, it might be more likely.  

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