For Disney+ subscribers, who use a NOW Smart box to watch in the United Kingdom and Ireland, unfortunately, users are now being notified within the platform that Disney+ is going to be removed from these devices on 30th May 2023, due to the Disney+ no longer being compatible.

‘Disney+ will no longer be available on this Roku model after May 30 2023. To continue using the Disney+ app, along with all of its newest features and functionalities, please upgrade your device to a newer model.’

The NOW Help Team has also confirmed the news on a social media post:

The Disney + app will no longer be available on NOW Smart boxes from the 30th of May 2023. This is due to compatibility with certain devices for it’s new features and functionalities. ^LS

NOW, formerly known as NOW TV, is a streaming service from Comcast, which is a cord-cutting alternative to Sky TV and has been running for over a decade.   It offers a variety of different shows and films from Universal, Warner Brothers and Paramount, plus other studios.

Back in 2021, Sky announced that it be leaving the hardware business and would stop selling its Smart Streaming sticks and boxes.  This was done so the company could focus on making its NOW app available on more popular streaming devices such as Smart TVs, etc.

With the news that NOW boxes were being discontinued, it was going only to be a matter of time until apps like Disney+ would start being removed, as these apps continued to be updated to keep up with the latest technology, meaning that older devices aren’t compatible, since from the streaming companies point of view, developing for discontinued products aren’t cost-effective and Sky is also likely to no longer also have a technical team working on the devices since they’ve been discontinued.

For Disney+ subscribers who use a NOW Smart box, if you have no other streaming devices available, you may need to make sure you’ve cancelled your subscription.  I’d also recommend looking into getting another streaming device, such as a Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV box, since it’s likely more apps are going to be unavailable in the future.




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Roger Palmer

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